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How to Use Auto Optimization - Adilot Express

Updated: May 26, 2021

Adilot Express is a powerful function developed by Adilot, combined multi Facebook Ad optimized algorithm to help Facebook advertisers gain much more results with a full automatic optimized strategy, all you need to do is decide which metric you want to improve, Adilot will take care of everything else.

Navigate to the Auto Optimized tab under the automation tab, then click Adilot Express on the page.

Choose the goal you aim to optimize, increase the impression volume or purchase amount, etc. If you choose conversion to optimize, please note that sometimes your conversion is too less to execute this function.

Choose which campaign wants to apply the rules, click the "Done" and you already finish everything!

After setting down, Adilot will show performance changes in the optimization executed period, you can also know what action apply by Adilot at the change history.

How does it work?

After you have done the setting process, system will scan all campaign data under your project like budget, spend, past performance, conversion volume, etc. Decide which optimized strategy is the most suitable. Adilot will check the performance changes every day/hour, replace the strategy if the performance drops down.

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