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Interested in to be our Partner?

Resell our products to others and earn recurring commissions from each sale.

Why become an Adilot partner?

You get to promote and resell a product that's in high demand in its field. Complement your own services by offering Adilot to your clients and other prospects.

Our subscription-based pricing model allows multiple commissions from a single referral when the referred clients pay each time. After signing up, you have direct access to your partner dashboard and referral link.


Step by step to be our partner

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01 Click the Join Now button and register by your Email.

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02 Type your basic information on the Profile page.

03 Our partner manager will review your qualification and reach out to you in 3 business days.

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04 After the review, you will get your own reseller page and ID, then you can start to earn commissions!

All your resell detail info will be updated on the Profile page.

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