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How to Use Auto Optimization - Automatic Audience

Show your Ads to WHO is one of the important things on Facebook advertising, you can define your target audience by what they're interested in, looking for, or engaging with. Have you ever thought, there are some interesting labels or behavior which have potential to be the target audience you might not consider?

Adilot's Automatic Audience function is the solution for anyone who has that concern.

Navigate to the Audience Create tab under the automation tab, then click Automatic Audience on the page.

Choose the goal which is important for you, system will add/pause new audience sets depend on the metric performance you choose.

Choose which campaign wants to apply the Automatic Audience function, then click the "Done" and you already finish everything!

It's so easy, right?

How does it work?

After you have done the setting process, Adilot system will analyze data for the current audience, find out the common points between the outstanding audiences, and then generate recommended new interests from the common points. Help advertisers optimize their audiences and find unexpected new audiences!

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