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How to use Budget Controller

Updated: May 25, 2021

Adilot's budget controller could help you manage ad spend in one-stop, provides a much easier way to control budget compare with Facebook Ad Manager. Just follow our simple guides so that you could enjoy our full automatic smart budget control function!

Navigate to the Budget Controller page(you must have the project first, if not, please refer to How to start using Adilot. )

Select the control period, you could choose duration control or monitor continuously. After that, input the Ad budget you aim to control by the system.

On the Additional Budget page, you could define the condition to raise your daily budget.

After setting down, you can see your daily spend status on the Budget Controller page, and also know when the system modified your daily budget setting.

How it Work

Adilot will check your Ad performance every hour, if results achieve your condition, Adilot will raise the daily budget by 20% each time. When performance dropdown below the condition on the next checkpoint, system won't raise this time. Via hourly check, your could spend more budget when performance is better also use budget more efficiently.

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