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Automatic Functions Overview

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Adilot Automatic Functions can save you time and money by managing optimized tasks and maintaining the account’s overall performance 24/7. We offer the full automatic tactic and semi-auto tactics, which make the Facebook Ad optimization simple.

Budget Controller: Adilot's smart budget control function, you only need to import control duration and total budget, system will check your spend status every hour to make sure it won't overspend. Also, Adilot provides the additional budget function, you could decide when your budget needs to rise, set up the condition and total additional budget, system will detect the result performance and rise the daily budget automatically.

Adilot Express: Our Full Automatic Functions, don't need any complicated setup, just choose the key result you aim to improve, then Adilot system will analyze your past ad performance and spend, execute a suitable optimized algorithm model in few seconds, keep tracking performance changes to change different optimized algorithm to achieve long term and stable performance improvements.

Audience Create: Adilot system will analyze data for the current audience, find out the common points between the outstanding audiences, and then generate recommended new interests from the common points. Help advertisers optimize their audiences and find unexpected new audiences!

Looklike Audience Create: Use the audience list who has completed the specified event to find other users with similar interests, backgrounds, and experiences. Improve the effectiveness of advertising.

Bidding Test: If you don't want to rely on Facebook auto bidding, and want to know which bidding amount is the most efficient in manual bid or cost cap, it's time to consider our bid testing strategy. With the release of our bid testing, is according to your key result, Adilot system will suggest the different bid amount for test.

Make the best of Adilot Automatic Functions will save valuable time for you.If you are a beginner at Facebook advertisement, we strongly recommend using these functions, you could save learning time and cost, avoid the loss due to operating mistakes, affects your business.

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