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The easiest way to
move your Facebook Ads data
Google Spreadsheets

Facebook Ads data for Google Spreadsheet

power by Adilot


Just choose your Facebook accounts, select the metrics and dimensions you want, and set up scheduled refreshes without ever leaving Google Sheets. We support Facebook Ads data currently. Here’s what you can do with Adilot for Google Sheets:     

Connect your Facebook Ads – Get any metrics & dimensions you need.

Work with clean and unsampled data that’s ready for analysis and reporting.

14-day free trial, no credit card required, just click the button

Build custom reports and dashboards.

Escape copy/paste hell and spend your valuable time analyzing data rather than collecting it.

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How to use our Add-on

Monthly Plan of Spreadsheet add-on

Every Month


14-days Free Trial

Yearly Plan Spreadsheet add-on

Every year 15%OFF


14-days Free Trial

What's included?

  • Unlimited data

  • Daily/ weekly/ Monthly auto renew

  • Unlimited Facebook Ads Accounts

  • Live chat & Email support

Can not find the dimensions or metrics you need?

Let us know everything you need!

Thanks for your feedback!

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