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Strategic Dashboard

Updated: May 13, 2021

Welcome to Adilot Strategic Dashboard! Overall analyze your Facebook advertising performance and gain deep insight. It has four points of Adilot Strategic Dashboard.

1.Overview: Besides Ad spend, Adilot could detect the key metrics you need, like purchase behavior, post engagement, website registrations, etc, auto calculate cost and ratio, you'll no longer find these metrics.

2.Cross Channel Overview: Base on the time series, display the relativity and changes between different metrics. You will clearly know the change in the period to discover the key point of performance drop-down/increase. You could also modify the metrics from the selection table to make your demand suitable.

3.Performance of Ad set: According to Adilot unique score algorithm, display the ad sets which have the best performance. You will know which ad set/ audience has the best performance immediately!

4. Great performance Ad Campaign: Maybe you are running multiple ad campaigns, Adilot will sort ad campaigns by the key metric of your ad campaigns, let you know which campaign worth to invest more!

Make the best of our strategic dashboard could make sure you won't miss any detail of performance changes, understand your own ad data always the first step on optimization, Adilot will help you complete those tasks quickly.

If you still have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact our online support team.

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