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How to use Report Function

Updated: May 26, 2021

Adilot's Report Function support every advertiser create visualize report in just few click, we work with Google Data Studio so you only need a Gmail or gsuite account that can easily access this function.

Navigate to the Report page, choose a template you want to apply.

Auto Jump to the Google data studio website, if you haven't sign in Google account, please click the "Use it for Free" button, then get back to Adilot system and click the template again.

Authorize your Google account and select the correct project, Click the "Connect" >> "Create Report" button on the right top side. If you still don't have any project at Adilot, please navigate to to create a project.

Enjoy the report created by Adilot! If you have trouble using Data Studio, you could refer to Google Data Studio Help Center.

For Data Studio advance users

Adilot could be used as an individual connector. You could go to data source page to search Adilot connector. Use our technology to create your own report, kindly remind, you still need to create the project on Adilot system first, or it won't show on the project select page on Data Studio website.

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