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Strategy Dashboard

Manage your digital ads through a much easier way

Integration Metric display

Presented relevant metrics at one time to help you understand the relevance between quantity, per cost, and ratio. And no longer have to look for it in complicated fields.

Cross Channel Integrate

Overall analyze the performance of your advertising accounts on Facebook, and get in-depth trend analysis. The unique integration algorithm keeps your advertising strategy and results at the same level, allowing you to easily evaluate the effectiveness.

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Ad set Performance system

No matter which advertising platform you are using, Adilot is able to align its metrics and use an exclusive algorithm to calculate the score of each Ad set, allowing you to realize which Ad set are valuable and worth investing more.

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You do not need PPT or Excel anymore  

You no longer need to download advertising reports separately from Facebook, nor to spend a lot of time to process with them.

Adilot Dashboard saves you manpower and time to make more effective business strategies.

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Still wavered?

we provide a totally free plan to use now.