Bidding Optimization

Keep Your Bidding always Competitive

Don’t always use the default bidding Strategy

The default bidding model is very convenient for beginners, but the default bidding strategy sometimes lead to the high cost or may not spend the full budget.

Adilot 's bidding optimization is based on a machine-controlled bidding method, which calculates tens of thousands of data and adjusts bids quickly within milliseconds so that your ads can continue to be competitive without being overly busy and neglected.

Different bidding strategy for different audiences

Not all audiences apply the same bidding amount, high-potential audiences should have stronger bid competitiveness to have more impressions. Adilot can do 100% automation to detect the performance of each audience and adjust it to a reasonable bid.

Whatever you are targeting website traffic, shopping behavior, or customer calls, you should not use the same bidding strategy. Adilot will customize the bidding strategy for each advertising campaign according to your goals, audience, and budget. Keep your bidding ahead of your competitors.

Different goal, Different bidding Strategy

Still wavered?

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