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Auto Optimized

Super employee work for 24/7

What to do if the advertising effect is not good

Spent money on digital advertising, but if it doesn't work and don't know what to do - Adilot 's automatic optimization system is the product that was designed for this moment.

There is no need for experience in advertising optimization, and no need to spend money on courses. With just a few simple steps, Adilot can generate an optimization strategy for the goals you need and execute it automatically.

​Simple steps to use

No need to spend money to attend classes

No need any experience in digital advertising

Definitely, Everything are Automatic

Without any complicated settings, you can enjoy efficient optimization results

Autonomous Bidding

Adilot will generate the most effective bidding rules according to different advertising goals, and the system will calculate the advertising cost in real-time to adjust the bid, so that the bidding of your Ad will always be competitive.

Automatic audience create

Audience is the core value of advertising. Adilot 's algorithm calculates tens of thousands of data points from the audience set, to evaluate which audiences are the most valuable, and automatically establish new audiences that can achieve the greatest benefits, to break the boundaries of human brain thinking.

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