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Proven Algorithm

Adilot is a highly intelligent advertising solution with powerful analysis and targeting functions, which can optimize most of the advertising goals on Facebook. Let your data tell you the best advertising strategy and help your team make the right marketing decisions!


Automation Functions

Adilot provides automatic and semi-automatic intelligent functions. It can achieve 100% automatic operation and optimization in budget, bidding, and audience optimize, so that you no longer need to get involved with advertising operations.


Analysis Tools

Provides three analysis tools: overview dashboard, audience analysis, and creative analysis. Allows you to quickly understand your audience, image creative performance and cross-account data overview.


Report Function

Adilot work with Google Data Studio, and also a Google-certified connector. We provide kinds of varieties of preset data styles, allowing you to easily produce highly visual reports with one click.

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Our Clients

Women's clothing is a very competitive industry, especially the competition on Facebook advertising. How to effectively use Facebook advertising to acquire new customers has always been an important issue for us. The time of advertising affairs can be more focused on the old customer retention and creative design. Creative analysis tools allow us to quickly understand what kind of material will attract customers to order.


—  CLA Collection, Dida Lin, COO

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Time is Money

You can save more time and manpower, and no longer need to waste human resources on managing digital advertisements or wasting time on long-term maintainence. You can invest your time into more valuable things, such as marketing planning and product enhancement.

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Proven Algorithm

We create an effective delivery algorithm through tens of millions of monthly advertising costs, so you don't have to waste time on try and error, just use our strategy to bring you a huge competitive advantage.

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Performance Always First

Adilot totally focus on your digital advertising revenue. We hope that all advertisers can benefit from Adilot's technology, not just to help you spend money. It doesn't matter if you spend $10,000 or $1,000,000.

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