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How to start using Adilot?

Updated: May 13, 2021

We understand every advertiser wants to experience Adilot intelligence platform as quickly as possible. Before starting, we need to do few simple steps.

  1. Navigate to, click the "sign up" button and type requested information. then navigate to your mailbox to receive the verification mail.

2. After Verification, system will auto navigate to the goals select page, you could choose the function you aim to experience first. About our main functions, you could refer to our posts as below: Strategic Dashboard, Automatic Functions, Report.

3. After that, Adilot will need your authorization amd binding Ad accounts. If you have lots of them, it will process for a while. Adilot only supports Facebook currently.

4. After binding, system will auto navigate to the project management page. Project management is a unique function belong to Adilot, it could let you manage Ad campaign cross-channel or cross-account, display all advertise data in one project.

5. When project creation completed, you could start to experience all functions Adilot provides! Or, you could refer our next post: How to use Strategic Dashboard.

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