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What is Adilot?

Updated: May 3, 2021

Welcome to Adilot!

Adilot is a high intelligence cross channel marketing platform that plugs the proven knowledge, skills, and tactics of industry-leading marketers into an AI-backed software, provides powerful analysis and automation functions, it could optimize most of the advertising campaign on Facebook.

What can I do with Adilot?

If you are running Facebook Ads, you can use Adilot to:

Add Power to your Ad team: Hiring an experienced Facebook optimizer is expensive. Adilot provides both knowledge and advertising technologies. Look at it as the ultimate Facebook optimizer that never sleeps and is always up to optimize your Facebook Ad Account.

Save time: Adilot removes the complexities work of Facebook Advertising of the time-consuming, manual tasks. We convert routine tasks into automatic functions, machine will take care of most of the management, analysis tasks.

Automation: with Automatic functions, you can make a simple setup that makes sure you are running your ad account efficiently. Include budget control, full-automatic optimization strategy, make your Facebook Ad optimize much easier.

Find Growth Opportunities: Get Actionable insights to navigate and optimize your marketing efforts with personalized recommendations targeting the growth opportunities unique to you.

Who uses Adilot?

Small/mid Advertisers looking to add an additional Facebook Ad optimizer to their team.

Agencies who want to increase their team productivity and easy the process of managing multiple ad accounts and keeping up with client reporting and overall account health and performance. Freelancers or small agencies need to get a lot of tasks done quickly and need a smarter solution to improve advertising performance in a simple way.

Want to know how to start?

  1. Before starting, you must have a Facebook Ad Account or Business Manager.

  2. Navigate to, sign up to be Adilot user. Learn how to use it correctly at our support center.

  3. Or, you can email, we could arrange a one-on-one online meeting and step-by-step setting process.

Enjoy your Free Trial!

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