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Bidding Test Function

Always Keep your Ads at the Best Competitiveness

Don’t Just Use the Default Bidding Strategy

The default bidding strategy is very convenient for beginners, but the default bidding strategy sometimes will lead to budget overspending or high costs per result. Adilot’s bidding test function is a machine-controlled bidding method, which calculates hundreds of thousands of data within milliseconds and adjusts bids quickly, so that your ads can continue to be competitive.

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Profit from your winning bids

The outcome of this experiment will be super optimized ad sets targeting your top audiences and running with the most profitable bids. Understanding your winning bids will help scale your account.

Follow our useful pre-built process in order to reveal the most profitable bids for your most valuable audiences.

Optimal experiment work-flow

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Still on the Fence?
We provide a FREE TRIAL plan to use Now!

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