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Automatic Audience Create

Breakthrough the Limits of Human Brain Thinking
Create an Unexpected Audience

Analyze, Then Decide

Adilot system will analyze data for the current audience, find out the common points between the outstanding audiences, and then generate recommended new interests from the common points. Help advertisers optimize their audiences and find an unexpected new audience!

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Scale-up Audience Size

Depends on different budget levels, the number of audience groups will be different. Too many audience groups will spread the budget, resulting in better-performing audiences unable to achieve the best benefits; too few audience groups will miss the opportunity to reach potential customers.

Audience Size is the Most Important

A broad audience will cause the advertising system to waste too much budget on reaching all audiences; if the audience is too narrow, the bidding costs will be too high. Adilot will help you determine the most effective audience size based on the area where your advertisement is delivered.

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